Chargers in ACTION for Texas !

Hello Charger Families !

We've all seen the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused the residents of Texas and Florida has seen it's fair share of hurricane devastation. Who better to lend a helping hand?! Chargers Board members and coaches will be driving out relief supplies this weekend but we need your help!!!

This Tuesday the 29th , Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st of August , we will be collecting dry goods, baby supplies, first aid kits, gas, water, etc.

We ask that everyone bring at least one item tonight if they can ! It can be anything !!!

Our crew of volunteers will be leaving Friday evening. If you are interested in joining the caravan to Texas, please see us out on the field. Anything you can do or supply will help.

Texas needs us in a big way! Let's join together and send them a massive show of support like only the Chargers can do!

We have opened up a GoFund me account from the Coral Springs Chargers , to raise for the Families in Texas who are in need ! We are also taking donations at Mullins Park , for clothing , food and all types of items to help with hygiene , care and even family pets . Please share ! Anything Helps!!!

We thank you for your contribution! Please share !


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