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Coral Spring Chargers

Coral Springs Charger History

The Coral Springs Football Club was established in the mid-1970’s. At that time it included both tackle and flag football. Among the people who were instrumental in starting the program were J.P. Taravella, Bonnie and Betty Bonbrest, Sal Aiello, and several others. At the time, the club was a member of the Hollywood Optimist Football League, which later became the South Florida Youth Football League (SYFL).

During the '70’s and 80s, football was the core of the sports program in the city. With the city being relatively small at that time, Friday and Saturday night games at Mullins Park were the center of attention. Even the "Our Town" celebration, which was sponsored by the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, was organized around the league's homecoming activities. Ben Geiger, the Coral Springs Mayor at that time, participated in the homecoming activities, including the presentation of the Homecoming Queen and her Court.

In 1981, the tackle and flag football programs split, and that is when the Coral Springs TACKLE Football Club (CSTFC) came into existence. The first president of the newly organized club was Barry Wolpert.

During the early years, the club fielded 8 intercity teams: 3 Varsity teams, known as the Electras, and 5 Junior Varsity teams: the Chargers and Dynamos. They also sponsored an intracity Tackle Football program for about 4 years. This program fielded four teams which were, more or less, a feeder program for the traveling teams. All the football teams had cheerleading teams to support them.

In its nearly thirty years of existence, several former CSTFC football players and cheerleaders have gone on to participate in area high school athletic programs, and others have participated at the college level. At least three former CSTFC ballplayers have gone on to play in the National Football League.

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