1. To promote and uphold team spirit and squad unity.
  2. To maintain a sense of good sportsman-like conduct at all times among team members and visiting cities.
  3. To strive to uphold the highest personal, as well as cheerleading standards

All cheerleaders in game or practice uniforms shall act in an appropriate manner at all times and must abide by the rules and regulations included in the Coral Springs tackle Football Cheerleading Rules and Regulations. This applies to all CSTFC sponsored functions, as well as unchaperoned events in all public places.  (i.e. restaurants, stores, etc.)




  1. All cheerleaders are expected to cooperate with and show respect for the coaches, teen coaches, fans, opposing team and other squad members. Fighting/Hitting or any misconduct of any kind will not be tolerated and will be cause for immediate suspension and could be grounds for dismissal from the CSTFC program.


  1. All cheerleaders are expected to be upbeat, well groomed and demonstrate appropriate conduct at all times.


  1. No cheerleaders will chew gum, smoke, or use profane language or gestures while in practice or game uniforms. These infractions may result in demerits, benching, suspension and or dismissal/expulsion.


  1. The use of illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages, while in uniform (game, practice or at CSTFC/AYFL function) will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the CSTFC program and will result in forfeiting all honors and rewards including CSTFC jacket/or refund.


  1. The breaking of any law, while in uniform (game, practice or at a CSTFC/AYFL function) will be grounds for immediate expulsion from the CSTFC program and will result in forfeiting all honors and rewards including CSTFC jacket/or refund.


  1. All cheerleaders must stay with their squad until the end of the game or event, unless otherwise dismissed by the coach. Once check-in has taken place, failure to remain with the team will result in benching and/or demerits. This includes during halftime of the game. Cheerleaders are not permitted to wander the field or go to the concession stand unless given approval by coaches.




  1. Complete uniforms shall be worn at all CSTFC sponsored events during the season. Uniforms shall be clean and in good condition at all times.  Shoes and laces must be washed before each game or CSTFC sponsored event. Briefs in the proper color, must be worn under uniforms.


  1. Parents will be financially responsible for the all uniforms cost. If for any reasons the uniform is damaged during the season the parent will be asked to purchase a new uniform by the Board of Directors.


  1. No jewelry, no body piercing, no nail polish, acrylic nails or make-up of any kind may be worn to practices or games. Fingernails need to be kept short and neatly trimmed for safety purposes.  It is at the coach’s discretion as to whether appropriate light make up, may be worn for the Junior Prep-Senior squads. Any of these violations will result in demerits and or benching.


  1. Hair must be neat and off the face in style per coach’s request. (Games and practices)

Brow length bangs are permitted.  Team hair bows or ribbons for games are permitted at the discretion of the coach and are considered part of the uniform.


  1. Practice t-shirts are to be worn at all regularly scheduled practices. Sneakers, appropriate for cheerleading, with laces, and socks must be worn for all practices.  Any cheerleader not wearing appropriate cheerleading shoes (i.e. no platforms) will not be allowed to practice and she will be given an unexcused absence for the practice and will receive demerits. Any cheerleader who does not wear her practice shirt will be given demerits.  Practice shirts from previous years are not considered the appropriate uniform.  Sliders, not briefs must be worn under practice shorts at every practice by squad Youth Prep and higher.  Benching may result for a cheerleader who is not in the appropriate practice uniform more than two times


  1. Cheerleaders will be required to wear the approved cheerleading shoes as part of their uniform to all games and competitions. Shoes from previous years may be used as practice shoes. Practice shoes must be worn to all games, and your approved uniform shoes are to be brought in the cheerleader’s bag. Cheerleaders may change into their game shoes once the Coach gives permission. Cheerleaders may be asked to cheer in their practice shoes for games with inclement weather.


  1. Each cheerleader is required to have a cheer bag and bring the bag to all practices and games. The bag should be marked with the cheerleader’s name. Each cheerleader should have a towel, plenty of clear liquids, a rain poncho, a change of clothes if applicable (game shoes for game days) in their cheer bag, Cheerleaders are responsible for taking their bag home after each practice and game.


  1. Any cheerleader who comes to the game field prior to the check in time for her game should bring their game uniform in their cheer bag and change no earlier than 30 minutes prior to her report time designated by her coach. Cheerleaders who stay at the field after their game is over should bring clothes to change and will be required to change out of their uniform after their game.




  1. Cheerleading is a team sport therefore; all practices are mandatory and start the first Monday following the Fourth of July holiday. Practices are held a minimum of twice a week during regular season. Additional practices maybe called for special events (homecoming, pep rally, competition).

Valid Excused Absences:

  1. Illness- if practice should be missed due to illness, practice is not excused unless the coach is notified 1 hr. minimum prior to practice start. Consecutive missed practices due to illness will require a doctor’s note.
  2. Academic event for grade, Religious Education or Religious holiday. - if practice is missed due to the listed events , practice is not excused unless the coach is notified as soon as possible of event or the very least 1 hr prior to practice start.
  3. Family Vacation- if practice will be missed due to a scheduled family vacation, written submission of vacation must be turned in to coach at least two weeks prior to the date of the missed practice(s) in order for the absences to be considered excused & demerits waived. This waiver is to be used only “once” during the season. The two (2) weeks prior to competition are exempt from any vacation submissions and waivers will not be honored during this time.


We suggest that your child does not participate in any other activities that would interfere with the cheerleading practice and game schedule.  Missed practices for any reason other than the reasons listed above will result in demerits and or benching.


Cheerleaders are required to attend and participate in a minimum of 6 practices before they can cheer at their first game.


  1. An absence from a game, due to any reason other than illness accompanied by a doctor’s note, will count as an unexcused absence by the AYFLC. With a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice in writing and board approval, demerits and benching will be waived for a scheduled family event such as a wedding or religious event. This request should be given to the cheerleader’s coach as soon as possible but no later than 2 weeks prior to the event. An email request to the coach is acceptable.  Coaches will give the written request or forward the email to the Cheer Commissioner as soon as it is received.  This waiver is to be used only “once” during the season and is still considered an unexcused absence as per the AYLFC Rules and Regulations.


  1. One (1) month to date prior to competition practices will be become more frequent as deemed necessary by the coach. These practices will be mandatory. Two (2) weeks prior to competition, practices will be scheduled every night, including weekends and possibly on days off from school. Failure to attend these practices may result in a cheerleader being ineligible to cheer the following year. This is a team sport and absence by one or more of the team members disrupt practice and the ultimate goal of success as a team at competition.


The AYFLC Competition will be at Bank United Center in Miami – TBD.


  1. All cheerleaders must arrive at the practice and the game field at the time designated by their Coach and or the CSTFC board.


  1. It is the parent's responsibility to arrange transportation for his or her child so that each cheerleader will arrive and leave practices and games on time. Coaches are not required to transport cheerleaders other than their own.  Tardiness in picking up your child will result in demerits, which will accrue in 10-minute intervals.


  1. A cheerleader may not be allowed to cheer at a game or cheerleading function if the coach feels that she is not prepared due to missed practices and/or games.


  1. In order for a cheerleader to be eligible to cheer at competition, she must not have more than three unexcused absences from games. (AYFLC Regulation) Three unexcused absences will also result in the child being ineligible to receive any individual or team awards.


  1. As per CSTFC policy, cheerleaders who earn First Place at AYFLC are eligible to purchase an official CSTFC jacket. For a cheerleader who has already earned a jacket from a prior season, embroidery stitching (squad and the year) will be added if First Place is achieved in subsequent years. Jackets may not be awarded to cheerleaders who do not fulfill their duties once ordered; refunds will not be given for any jackets.  The privilege of owning a CSTFC jackets is earned through hard work and dedication, so it is encouraged, by this organization that they are not loaned to others who are not in the program.  Cheerleaders will not be permitted to order a jackets if any fines or money due to CSTFC has not been paid in full.


  1. The CSTFC Board Directors in collaboration with the coaches have the authority to exclude a cheerleader from competition if any of the following occur:


  1. Missed practices without prior Board approval


  1. Missed more than 3 games as per AYFLC Rules and Regulations


  1. Cheerleaders who continually exhibit poor sportsmanship and/or attitude


  1. Any cheerleader that accumulates an excess of demerits determined by Board review)





BENCHING:  A temporary disciplinary action when a cheerleader is required to sit out for part or all of a game.


SUSPENSION:  A period of time, to be determined by the CSTFC Board, when a cheerleader is not allowed to cheer with her team, but must still attend practices and games in uniform.



DISMISSAL:  Removal from a squad, by the CSTFC Board, for the remainder of the season. In the event of a dismissal, the cheerleader forfeits eligibility for any honors, rewards or CSTFC jacket and/or refunds. The cheerleader will need board approval to return the following season.


Expulsion:  Removal from the CSTFC program, by the CSTFC Board. In the event of an expulsion, the cheerleader forfeits eligibility for any honors, rewards or CSTFC jacket and/or refunds for the current year and will not be permitted to return to the CSTFC program




  1. Lack of complete uniform - Complete uniform - clean vest, skirt, bloomers, socks, shoes and team hair bow.


Skirt, vest and bloomers - 5 demerits and benching

Cheerleading game shoes – 2 demerits

Hair bow –1 demerit

Socks-1 demerit


  1. Arriving late as per time set by coach for a game 10 minutes or more -- benched first half of the game.


  1. A cheerleader may be benched for a game or the remainder of a game for inappropriate or disrespectful behavior while in uniform, this includes before and during a game. The captain or co-captain will be in charge of calling the cheers. Cheerleaders are expected to demonstrate respect for the captains, teen coaches, adult coaches, team mom and CSTFC Board Members at all cheer functions,


  1. Benching, for the remainder of the game or 1/2 the following game will be in order for showing poor sportsmanship prior to, during, or following a game. “Good Luck” “shaking of the hands” to show good sportsmanship will take place after check-in prior to each game.


  1. An unexcused absence from a practice will result in the cheerleader being benched for the first half of the following game.


  1. An unexcused absence from a game, or failure to attend a game due to lack of transportation, may result in a cheerleader being benched for the entire next game.





  1. Smoking while in uniform (practice and/or game).


  1. Using undesirable or profane language while in or out of uniform at a CSTFC function practice and/or game.


  1. Failure to attend game, in uniform, when benched.


  1. Receiving excessive demerits.


  1. Use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, physical fighting or breaking the law while in or out of uniform at a CSTFC/AYFLC function, practice and/or game is due cause for immediate dismissal/expulsion. Suspension/dismissal from a team will also result in loss of eligibility for any honors and awards including jackets and/or any refunds.


  1. Open display of disrespect or defiance towards coaches, teammates, and teen coaches, fans, opposing team or CSTFC members.





Please refer to the attached demerit schedule for a complete list of infractions of rules resulting in demerits. Coaches and or CSTFC Board members will issue demerits in accordance with these Rules and Regulations.


Demerits will be deducted from tryout score the following season.

Tryout scores along with coaches’ recommendation will determine placement on a squad.


Any Cheerleader that accumulates 10 demerits during the season will not be allowed to receive any awards. This includes but is not limited to Team Captain, Spirit Awards, Homecoming Court, Leadership Awards, Dedication Awards and All Stars.




  1. Please remember that cheerleaders and football players remain on the field in the rain, which is a policy of the AYFL. The policy states that only a Field Official can stop a game. Play may be suspended when there is thunder and lightning and will be suspended if a Lightning Detector goes off. The game will continue if it is raining without a threat of lightening. Cheerleaders must remain on the field as long as the game is in progress! Rain ponchos may be worn on the sidelines. In the event of an extremely heavy downpour or other dangerous weather situations the cheerleading coach may temporarily remove the cheerleaders from the field and direct them to a designated area prearranged by the coach/ Coaches may not dismiss the team until the game has ended, or has been officially called due to weather. Leaving the field before the end of the game will result in benching for one half (1/2) of the next game. If the game is called due to inclement weather, cheerleaders will be required to attend the make up game as per the AYFLC rules and regulations.


  1. Make up games - A cheerleader who attends the regular game but misses the makeup game will be marked absent as per AYFLC Rules and Regulations (unless the game was called after halftime).


  1. 3. Parents are not allowed on the practice or game field unless they are the Team Parent, a Board Member of CSTFC or invited by the coach (practice field). The Team Parent is to be on the field only if there is team business involving the cheerleaders. The Parent Code of Conduct” must be adhered to at all times.


  1. Any cheerleader who has cheered in the CSTFC Program for three years or more and who is eligible to receive awards will receive a special recognition at the end of the season. This recognition will be awarded at the Cheerleading Breakfast or Club Banquet.


  1. All cheerleaders will be required to participate in all fundraising activities sponsored by the CSTFC. Demerits and or benching may result for failure to participate in fundraisers.


  1. Parents will be required to participate in and support other club functions throughout the season. (I.e. spaghetti dinner, competition breakfast and merchandise booth)


  1. No team will be allowed to have mascots. Siblings of cheerleaders will not be allowed on the practice or game field.


  1. This is a non-profit organization and all monies collected by CSTFC for cheer gear, uniforms, trips, banquets, jackets are non refundable.


By registering your child in the Cheer Program you have agreed that you have read and understand all the rules and regulations for Cheer leading members and agree to abide by them and to do your best to help enforce them. You agree to provide transportation to games, practices, and other activities that may be scheduled during the season. You also understand that any violation of these 2018 RULES AND REGULATIONS may lead to disciplinary action by the CORAL SPRINGS TACKLE FOOTBALL CLUB, BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  CSTFC is a non-profit organization, and supports a “no refund” policy.


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